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Filled with an artful medley of blooms in rich hues, the Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet brings an explosion of vibrant elegance to any space. As the premium floral arrangement from Kroger’s popular Bloom Haus brand, it makes an exceptional centerpiece or impressive gift to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments.

This in-depth guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet. We’ll cover what makes it special, style and color options, care and handling, coordinating vases, and where to find these stunning arrangements. After reading, you’ll be ready to adorn your home or brighten someone’s day with a fabulous Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet!

What Makes the Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet Special?

Let’s start by looking at the key traits that set this arrangement apart:

  • Diversity of fresh-cut blooms – Features a bountiful blend of roses, lilies, carnations, daisies, and exotic flowers in seasonal varieties.
  • Artful floral design – Meticulously crafted by Bloom Haus floral experts to create a full, lush, professionally designed look.
  • Vibrant bold colors – Brilliant hues like fuchsia, coral, lemon, and vermillion create an energizing palette.
  • Premium floral quality – Only the freshest, most pristine flowers make it into these arrangements.
  • Lasting enjoyment – Carefully chosen flowers last up to two weeks with proper care.
  • Elegant presentation – Artfully arranged in a decorative bowl or vase and tied with a bloom-matching ribbon.
  • Affordable price point – Provides premium quality and design at grocery store pricing.

Style and Color Options

While containing seasonal varieties, popular color themes include:

Pink Lush

Dreamy shades like blush, fuchsia, and burgundy create romantic elegance.

Sunny Lush

Vibrant yellows, oranges, and corals evoke happiness and warmth.

Tropical Lush

Sultry hues like ruby, magenta, and lime capture tropical exuberance.

Pastel Lush

Whispery pinks, lavender, peach, and ivory embody delicate springtime charm.

Classic Lush

Traditional red, white, and blush pink offer timeless beauty.

Expert Care Tips for Your Bouquet

Follow these simple tips to maximize the enjoyment of your Lush Bouquet:

  • Recut stems diagonally and place in fresh water immediately for best hydration.
  • Change the water every 2-3 days and recut stems to restore water flow.
  • Use the included Bloom Haus flower food to provide nutrients and prevent bacteria.
  • Display out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
  • Remove any flowers or leaves that wilt to maintain the bouquet’s lush appearance.
  • Consider using floral preservatives like flower food packets, Sprite, or Flower Life.

Choosing a Complementary Vase

Display your luxurious bouquet in a worthy vessel:

  • Opt for glass vases to show off the brilliant colors.
  • Choose wider vase openings to easily accommodate the generous stems.
  • Look for styles like pedestal bowls, cylinder vases, or decorative urns to highlight the flowers.
  • Select vases in metallic rose gold, mercury glass, or glossy crackled glazes that pick up the floral tones.
  • For more casual arrangements, try weaving flowers through a rustic galvanized bucket.

Where to Find the Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet

As a Kroger exclusive, these arrangements are available:

  • At Kroger supermarkets – Visit the floral department of your local Kroger or affiliate store.
  • Kroger affiliate chains – Also found at stores like Harris Teeter, Ralphs, and Fred Meyer.
  • Online and app ordering – Shop through or the mobile app and select in-store pickup.
  • Delivery – In some areas, Kroger provides Bloom Haus bouquet delivery.

Celebrate Life’s Moments with the Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet

When only the most exceptional floral display will do, the Bloom Haus Lush Bouquet delivers a decadent medley of blooms artfully arranged to infuse your occasion with luxury. With their stunning style options, premium fresh-cut flowers, and accessible pricing, the Lush Bouquet makes an eloquent statement on any special day. Let this helpful guide lead you to finding the perfect vivid colors to speak straight to your heart and wow your senses!

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